Case study in Ghana

Mar 9, 2023 | Agriculture

carbonauten conducted research in cooperation with a community of farmers from around Apam, Ghana and the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) to advance organic agriculture in Ghana.

In the fight against diseases, phytophtora and other parasites, highly toxic pesticides are still used in developing countries. Their application is extremely dangerous and harmful to the farmers’ health. In the joint project, research is being conducted on how the use can be reduced.

The case study was conducted to test the effect of carbonauten® bio stimulant on pineapple cultivation. The focus was on increasing yield, improving product quality and increasing resistance to diseases. For this purpose, a solution of carbonauten® bio stimulant and water was mixed at a ratio of 1:50. In this mixture, the pineapple seedlings were soaked for four hours. During the 18-month experiment, the pineapples were also sprayed with the mixture three times. The control group did not undergo this treatment.
On a test area of 5 hectares, the experiment was conducted with a total of 15,000 pineapples. 5,000 each of the varieties Sugar Loaf, MD2 and Smooth Cayenne.

Compared to the control group, the tested pineapples show an increase in weight by 40-70%, depending on the variety. In addition, no wilt and phytophtora infestation.
According to the farmers, the shelf life of the tested pineapples is increased by more than 2 weeks. This extended time window gives farmers better conditions for price negotiations. The farmers also rate the taste of the tested pineapple better.

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