Products of carbonauten agriculture to strengthen the plant’s natural defenses

Mar 8, 2023 | Agriculture

Markus Bayer is a farmer from Dischingen in East Württemberg. He grows corn and operates his own biogas plant. Many farmers are fighting corn borer infestations. A parasite which is estimated to destroy 4% of the world’s corn crop. Markus wants to improve his plants’ immunity against the corn borer.

carbonauten joined him in researching the effect of bio stimulant and soil activator on corn cultivation. The focus is on strengthening plant strength and creating healthy, carbon-rich soil that better retains nutrients and water.

Research was conducted on a total of 5 hectares. Of these, 2.5 hectares were control area and 2.5 hectares were test area on which carbonauten® soil activator and carbonauten® bio stimulant were applied.
For the case study, 600 kg of carbonauten® soil activator was applied per hectare, and carbonauten® bio stimulant, diluted 3:1000 with water, was also applied three times to the corn plants. The case study was conducted over a period of 6 months.

As a result, carbonauten finds improved plant immunity. A visible decrease in corn borer infestation can be recorded.
Markus’ testimony is in agreement with the research results: “I see a significant reduction in corn borer infestation after application. While not zero infestation, 50-70% less. The area was more vital and I experienced less soil compaction. This allows me to save water in the long term and use less pesticide. (Cost savings of €38.50/ha. Markus’ farmland is located to 100% in a water protection area).

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