carbonauten construction

Construction materials and energy: regenerative, better and cheap

The construction industry benefits from the carbonauten system in multiple ways On the one hand, from materials such as cement, concrete, masonry, clay, plaster, asphalt, bulk and insulation filled with technical biocarbons. On the other hand, from the granules of carbonauten polymers which are used to manufacture profiles, foams, films, plates, pipings, and other elements. Additionally, the products of carbonauten agriculture ensure insulating, cooling and ecological greening of roofs, facades and object surroundings. This way, cheap, good and sustainable living space is created.

“Black is the new green”

carbonauten NET Materials are high-performance CO2 storages and are known for their

  • high recyclability
  • natural black color
  • improved dimensional stability
  • noticeable weight reduction
  • high temperature resistance

carbonauten NET Materials for the construction industry

Application example green roof

An excellent application is the renaturation of buildings with green roofs on the base of biocarbons. They store water and nutrients, insulate at all temperatures, have a cooling effect, are inexpensive, promote biodiversity and give nature back the space that was taken away. In addition, the barrier films and mineral building materials used can also consist of carbonaut NET Materials®.


Case study in Ghana

Case study in Ghana

carbonauten conducted research in cooperation with a community of farmers from around Apam, Ghana and the German Society for International...

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