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Food, materials and energy become regenerative, better and cheap – for everyone.


To drive the decarbonization of industry, carbonauten has developed a system that reduces emissions and costs. The central element is the development and production of innovative, CO2-negative materials. carbonauten NET Materials® (Negative Emission Technology). They consist of a combination of technically specified biocarbons with various binders, have better properties and are cheaper than conventional materials.

Attractive by-products are base-load renewable energy (heat, electricity, hydrogen) and environmentally friendly platform biochemicals and CO2 certificates.

Biocarbons store CO2 and make bio-quality cheap

“Basically, coal is the villain in the climate change story. But if we process plant material into coal, then that role changes.” → DR. Eckart von Hirschhausen / ARD Media Library

The principle is as simple as it is ingenious: CO2 is actively extracted from the atmosphere via plants, but is only stored for a short time. carbonauten permanently stores CO2 in products through carbonization and avoids other climate gases such as methane and nitrous oxide. This is based on the physical fact that each ton of biocarbon permanently binds up to 3.3 tons of CO2 equivalent.

carbonauten refine the technical biocarbons produced in the “minus CO2 factories” into high-performance, renewable and low-cost carbonauten NET Materials®. Through their various applications, CO2 is permanently incorporated into the soil as well as bound in products, which additionally conserves natural resources and replaces petroleum-based materials.

In terms of price, carbonauten NET-Materials® are at most on a par with conventional fossil materials. This makes bio-quality cheap for everyone for the first time.

One platform for six CO2-cutting activities


Animal husbandry, soils, plants


Heat, electricity, hydrogen


Masterbatches, Compounds


Platfrom chemicals from waste materials


Diverse CO2 sinks

Carbon Removal Fund

Ecological and profitable






carbon removals

The carbonauten system creates multiple effects

Carbon C is the basis for organic life in the universe. It occurs in materially bound or gaseous form – as carbon dioxide CO2. Plants have been the most efficient CO2 storage machines for millions of years – and the most beautiful, too. They use CO2 to build up their biomass. Via photosynthesis, they retain the C and give us the O2 to breathe.

A tree consists of about 50% carbon. At the end of its life, it is metabolized by microorganisms. This releases the greenhouse gases carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide.

This rotting process is stopped by pyrolytic carbonization (heating without oxygen) between 400° and 700° C. This produces physically stable, technical biocarbons that no longer rot and thus permanently prevent the formation of CO2.

In parallel, the carbonauten technology, as a biorefinery, produces high-quality biodistillates as platform biochemicals for agriculture, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, as well as base-load renewable energy.

The technical biocarbons are specifically refined into CO2-negative carbonauten NET-Materials® for various markets and applications.

The carbonauten system thus enables the material and energetic cascade utilization of biomass residues and a maximally deep value chain.

The carbonauten system creates multiple effects

News from the minus CO2 factory

Case study in Ghana

Case study in Ghana

carbonauten conducted research in cooperation with a community of farmers from around Apam, Ghana and the German Society for International...

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minus CO2 factories – the industrial challenge to fight CO2

Unique production and living laboratory

In the “minus CO2 factory 001” in Eberswalde (Brandenburg), the active reduction of CO2 starts. It is the first of what will be dozens worldwide with the unique carbonauten technology. In addition to industrial production, Eberswalde is a research and development location for hardware, technological enhancements and optimization of production processes. At the headquarters in Giengen an der Brenz, scientists are working on new applications and NET Materials®.

Harmonization of industry, ecology and society

carbonauten NET-Materials® enable industry to add value to products economically, ecologically and socially, thus growing sustainably and making a positive contribution to society.

carbonauten also employs socially disadvantaged people in the “minus CO2 factories” who are particularly affected by the massive changes. They thank us for this unique opportunity for a good and secure job with commitment and identification.

Unique technology for minus gigatons

carbonauten will realize and operate decentralized sites worldwide from 2023. Flexible in input and output, robust, highly efficient, and modularly expandable, carbonization technology is the result of many years of experience and technical expertise in biomass residue carbonization and power generation. By 2025, at least 15 and by 2030, more than 100 production sites will avoid gigatons of climate gases, making food, materials and energy renewable, better and cheaper for all.

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